Why book with us?


Being a licensed and authorized travel agent, you are fully protected by our Insurance and other legal requirements.


As we are authorized agent, booking through us is booking directly. It's exactly the same price. No extra charges, no hidden costs.


For cancellations booking direct standard cancellation terms apply. However, also here we try to give our customers an excellent money saving service. Instead of charging the regular cancellation fee normally due to the cruise organizers, we try to resell the cancelled stateroom. If we find someone (which is mostly the case), there is only an administrative fee up till 7 days before departure (charged by the cruiseline for the name changing). This saves you a lot of money compared to the regular cancellation fee... especially close to departure date .


We are the only agent offering "extended stateroom share service". This means, if you travel alone and want to share a room with someone, before booking , we can introduce different candidates (example via facebook, email, ..). If finally both persons agree sharing a room would work out well, we will make the booking. Otherwise, no hard feelings, we continue our search. So no unhappy surprises onboard ! This service is unique ! Besides, this "extended stateroom share service" applies to ALL categories ! (if not booked through us, there are only a few categories for sharing rooms and only based on smoking / non smoking).


Since we are the direct link between the cruise organizers (Atlantis Events, RSVP, ...) and the customer, we take proud in defending our customers interests personally and definitely you will not be treated as a number ! Mostly, we can "force" certain special requests which wouldn't be possible if you would approach the tour operator or cruiseline as an individual customer.


Pre- and postcruise hotels and flights can be booked through us at very special rates since we negotiated special deals for our customers (even cheaper than booking.com !)


As we know most of the ports of call (destinations) very well, we offer practical information about these destinations to our clients: for example "what is the most economical way to get to the ports", "how getting around in the ports of call", "sightseeing on your own", etc. These "insider" tips can save you a lot of money compared to the recommend excursions or transfers sold on the ship..


For all your questions about the cruise, the different routes, practical info, bookings, changing your reservation, etc, we are at your disposal by phone, Whatsapp, email or in our office, every day 7/7, on the moment it fits you the best and in your own language ! For the bookings, we undertake all necessary steps to get it processed immediately. No administrative hassle or loss of time for our clients...


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subscribe to our newsletter, you will be informed promptly about special promotions or last minute deals. Besides we will inform you about the new routings and give you the possibility to book them even before they are online on the organizers website. Interesting, especially for the very popular cruises which are mostly sold out in record time..


The special "onboard fares" for your next cruise, which normally are only valid when you book them on the ship, stay valid up to 3 weeks after the cruise if you book them through us. So, no need to take a rush decision.


We allow our customer to pay by credit card, by bank transfer or in cash (if you would book directly in USA, payment can only by credit card).


Often we organise info sessions gatherings near Brussels. On those evenings we try to explain in detail what you may expect from a gay cruise (check-in procedure ? what is included? dresscode aboard ? What are the theme parties ? Where and with who can you have dinner? What is the differences with other cruises are explained...). Also it is a great way to get to know other people sharing the same intrest for a gay cruise vacation...